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Technical difficulties... please stand by

Don't you just hate it when you're all set to do something, and then the very wonders of technology that make it all possible collectively decide 'Not today, sunshine'? Well, it happens to the best of us.

A very pertinent example happened to your favourite wrestling podcast only last week... wait, what do you mean, you didn't notice? There we were, ready to go live to talk about the ground-breaking and undeniably important topic of the best (and worst) silly names professional wrestlers have used when the gremlins in the software decided that it wasn't going to happen because they were washing their hair.

It's frustrating, because instead of the three of us that makeup TBT arguing over whether Major Gunns or Hugh Morrus was more idiotic (damn, part of me misses WCW creative), you got ten minutes of barely audible noise akin to the phone line to the trenches from Blackadder Goes Forth, and then we had to call it quits. We think we've sussed out the root of the issue, and we will be back raring to go from 6 pm GMT this Sunday with more similarly groundbreaking content.

On a related note, don't you hate it when decisions get made that just scream 'IF ONLY there had been a technical difficulty, we might have been spared'? In this instance, I am of course referring to the meeting which, if it was done on zoom or other such technology, managed to both go irritatingly well and be a colossal disaster at the same time, and which led to WWE creative naming the latest NXT Takeover show 'Vengeance Day'.

Seriously? the more I think about it, the more I think that the one creative team staffer who had control of the active brain cell that day may well have been suffering from a nasty tech issue and that their repeated pleas to the room that WWE already owns the copyright to the name 'St Valentine's Day Massacre' fell on deaf ears. Vengeance is a good PPV name. so is Judgement Day. What is not good is crashing them together in a new and horrible way that I assume was an attempt to make it look like 'Valentine's Day, but meaner' or some such marketing bollocks.

In fact, the ONLY plausible explanation I can come up with is that they were desperately trying to outdo themselves in the crap show names stakes, and knowing that they'd already set the bar almost too high with 'New Year's Evil' they had to actually *really think* about it. come on, WWE. you can do better than this.

Technical issues or not, Vengeance does not need, or never has a specific day. That's kind of the point. if you're employed by the biggest wrestling company in the world's creative department, I really shouldn't have to point that out... but I digress. Merch link in bio...

Hold on, no. I think I'm suffering from more technical issues, as I seem to have crossed lines with @barrr_none on Tiktok. Please hold; normal service will be resumed as soon as possible... in the meantime, kindly talk amongst yourselves, and catch us Sunday at 6 pm GMT.

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