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Writer's block?

Do you ever sit back and think 'Yes, everything is going great' and then brace yourself to carry on with your day?

Do you always think you've got away with it, because you're ninety-nine percent of the way through the thought, when you get the unwanted final one percent that knocks you for a loop? You know, the last picosecond of the thought, the one that is basically a tiny, seemingly insignificant nagging doubt that you can't quite put your finger on, but that won't go away?

Yes, you know the one. The one that you try to dismiss, but the more you try, the more it digs its hooks in, and sets in at base camp worry with unsettling certainty? The one that, despite the fact you don't have a clue what it is and definitely don't want to know, will not stop until you have to try and focus on it; only to disappear just beyond the edge of your perception the moment you actually try?

Yeah. Well I've had that one all week, and I have been able to bat it away without undue difficulty until now. Now, it has decided, is its moment. it is going to finally present itself front and center in your mind, as a final and definite 'Ha! Screw you!' to the idea that having avoided it all week, you can now happily forget it because it clearly wasn't important.

It's Friday afternoon, I have to go to work in a few hours, and I have just made the mistake of thinking 'I have nothing important I need to do, I think I'll take a nap'. That was fatal because that was just the trigger my brain needed to go 'HA! Nothing to do you say? Well, HAVE YOU WRITTEN YOUR BLOG FOR THE TBT WEBSITE YET?' and... I've gone into meltdown because no, I haven't, and oh shit! THAT'S the thing that has been nagging at me all week!

So, that just happened to me, and yes, after much soul searching because I have been unable to think of a blind thing to write, this is the panicked result: A blog post about nothing, masquerading as a semi-sensible plea to you, dear reader, to please not ignore your nagging doubts. they are there for a reason, even if they naturally present in such a way that you'll rarely acknowledge them until it's too late.

I swear, this is why ninety percent of the things people could achieve never actually get done. procrastination is real, and we need to overcome it.

That's all for this week. Don't forget we're back this Sunday from 6 pm UK time with another must-listen episode of the most must hear pro wrestling broadcast in history.* See you then.

*This week's installment of three blokes talking bollocks about wrestling.



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