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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Fallout

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, was a WWE Network event that took place from Tropicana Field/ThunderDome in St. Petersburg, Florida on 21st February 2021.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Prediction Winner:

Matt Burns

Let’s get on with our thoughts of WWE Elimination Chamber 2021:


James Irvine

I’m going to be honest with you all just from the spoilers alone, I refused to watch the 2021 Elimination Chamber as I was fucking fuming about the spoilers that I had the displeasure of seeing. WWE just managed to really fuck up with the most idiotic things that I’ve seen in recent years, I am sorry if you wanted my review but I would rather attempt to shave my nutt sack with a snapping turtle than even entertain this pile of dog shit.


Matt Burns

WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Event has been a very important Event for WWE in showing case who is most likely going to be heading to WrestleMania (especially the Main Event slots of course). However, I feel that this year I will say didn't have that same feel as it usually does but it did the odd good moment as well.

The Pre-Show

Fatal four-way Match

(Replacement for Keith Lee in US Championship Match)

John Morrison Vs Elias Vs Mustafa Ali (with Mace, T-Bar & Slapjack) Vs Ricochet

The Pre-Show match was good and entertaining but this match was taking place because Keith Lee was removed from the match due to an "unexpected Injury" that happened on Raw but decided to leave it till a few hours before the event to reveal all this. Why not have revealed this right after Raw instead of leaving it till the last second.

The match itself was actually very good and is very much worth watching because there was plenty of high-flying and different styles all involved in this match, which could very well have fitted on the Main Card if it was any other WWE PPV Event but the fact that it was happening to find a replacement for Keith Lee for the US Championship Match, later did leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match

for immediate WWE Universal Championship Match

Daniel Bryan Vs Cesaro Vs Jey Uso Vs Kevin Owens Vs King Corbin Vs Sami Zayn

I thought this was Match of the Night and this was the opening match for the Main Card and could have been the Co-Main Event Match because it was that good because everyone involved in this match was able to come out looking strong in a way. Cesaro being the MVP (Not the Wrestler) in this match (and the whole event) as he was an absolute beast throughout this match and thought he was actually going to make it to the end with Daniel Bryan. Jay Uso showed that he was very opportunistic and showed that he is willing to take any possible advantage. Kevin Owens being an ass-kicker when he entered the match, Sami Zayn showcasing that Comedy can still be involved while looking serious and even King Corbin look good when he entered. Everyone had a good showing in this match and I thought that Daniel Bryan was the right person to win the match and was the best option for Roman to go against to get Maximum Heel Heat.

Singles Match

For the WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) Vs Daniel Bryan

This match started in a very epic way which I will say, I liked very much because when Daniel Bryan managed to counter Roman Reigns into the Yes lock from the Spear attempt and had had everyone chanting yes while they were watching on was a good moment. We all knew that the very predicted outcome was going to be happening with Roman Reigns over-powering a very tired Daniel Bryan and claiming an Easy Successful Championship Defence.

What was an extra added bonus was having Edge suddenly come out of nowhere (hmm I wonder who he could have learned that from) with a Spear to completely catch off guard and then make it 100% clear that he was challenging for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37

Triple Threat Match

For the WWE United States Championship

Riddle Vs Bobby Lashley (c) (with MVP) Vs John Morrison

Another good match that was on this card but I feel that it was still very much overshadowed still by the fact that Keith Lee wasn't involved but we have already covered that earlier with the pre-show match.

The match did showcase that WWE wanted Bobby Lashley looking like a beast because Riddle & John Morrison were having to team up against him, repeatedly and he was able to showcase his strength in a very big way as well. Plus on top of that with Riddle getting the pin on John Morrison, yes Bobby Lashley lost the WWE United States Championship in the match but he didn't actually take the loss and looked very strong as well.

Tag Team Match

For the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) Vs Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks

This match I don't really have much to say about because I thought it was pointless really because it was only added onto the card during the final SmackDown episode before the event, which made it come across as rushed and the match itself wasn't the best because this could have been a match where Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks had plenty of miscommunication between each other seeing as they could be against each other at WrestleMania but instead, miscommunication between Reginald Thomas (Who works for Carmella) & Sasha Bank happened because he tried to assist Sasha Banks to victory by cheating which Sasha Banks didn't want to for Nia Jax then grab her and drop her with a Samoan Drop for the win

Instead of having this match happen, they could have had a WWE Raw or SmackDown Women's Championship Match or if they really wanted the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match to happen, they could have had Dakota Kai & Raquel González against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler instead of saving it for an episode of NXT.

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

For the WWE Championship

Drew McIntrye (c) Vs AJ Styles (with Omos) Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Randy Orton Vs Sheamus

This was a great Elimination Chamber Match as this match did give Drew McIntrye a massive push and made him look strong. It also, allowed storytelling to take place with the fact that Randy Orton was first eliminated in an expected way but showed that he wasn't fully focused because his mind was elsewhere which managed to cost him.

Sheamus however came across as not as strong because he didn't even manage to get to the last 2 with Drew McIntrye in the match who he has been feuding with recently, but instead got caught off guard by AJ Styles who I will say did look to be on his A-game as always.

Even liked the unexpected Claymore to counter the Phenomenal Forearm for the Finish of the match, simply because I did get a feeling that he might do but not just jump into it, using AJ Styles' momentum against himself.

What I didn't expect was for Bobby Lashley to suddenly appear and brutally attack Drew McIntrye because well they weren't currently feuding and well I would have thought that Sheamus would have still been feuding against him for the WWE Championship. However, this then made it very clear what was about to happen next.

Money In The Bank Cash In

Singles Match

For the WWE Championship

The Miz Vs Drew McIntrye (c)

The one question I have over this entire match is why now WWE? I thought they were having The Miz feuding with Bad Bunny, especially with the whole slap segment that happened earlier which led to nothing, and well I thought that WWE currently had Drew McIntrye going to WrestleMania 37 as the WWE Champion in stone, oh boy was I wrong. I can understand why The Miz attempted the cash in because there was no perfect time to do so but would have expected Bad Bunny to somehow get involved and cost The Miz the match which would lead up to the Rumoured match of The Miz & John Morrison Vs Damian Priest & Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37 instead what we have is WWE throwing caution to the win and going "why the hell not, we need to get rid of the Money In The Bank from The Miz because it's close to the time it needs to be used and why don't we make it look very unexpected" but for all the wrong reasons.

How from the aftermath of what recently happened I knew that The Miz wouldn't be Champion for very long, as WWE just used him to be a Transitional Champion, all because he had Money in the Bank for so long that, they crapped themselves, instead of possibly doing something never done before with Money in the Bank, which is to have either be close to being expired or have it expire, all because the right moment didn't occur. So will he be going against Lashley for it, I highly doubt it because he needs to finish his current program he had with Bad Bunny. Queue Drew McIntrye to be Bobby Lashley's challenger at WrestleMania 37.

Additional Notes

What the hell happened to Asuka defending her WWE Raw Women's Championship? Yes, we know that Lacey Evans couldn't due to being Pregnant but there was no one else for Asuka to face against. No Charlotte Flair, (Who has had enough Championship shots, but is having another at Wrestlemania 37), Alexa Bliss, or even a Surprise Debut (Hint, Hint - Rhea Ripley). Way to go WWE in making Asuka look like a Credible WWE Raw Women's Champion

Overall Rating

2 out of 5


These are our thoughts for WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, apologies for it being a bit late. Let us know in the comments section below if you agree or disagree, and what your thoughts were for WWE Elimination Chamber 2021.



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