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Make me a SUPERSTAR!!!

It's come full circle again and it's my turn to make your eyes turn into the back of your head more than The Undertaker's when receiving head from his lovely wife! so without further or do ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, I bring to you my once every 3 weeks or so Blog 😁.

So this is going to be rather short and a bit of self-promotion here because let's face WHY NOT!

Recently I've entered the world of Tiktok, strictly on the recommendation of Bat Murns and you know I have to say I'm actually enjoying it so far I've made several duets and I've had a really good laugh making them.

Whilst I'm on the subject there are a lot of attention whores on there but now they have an even bigger one on there now that I'm adding content 🤣.

So with that being said if you enjoy stupid reactions and idiots making tits of themselves, all I ask if you are on or have been considering joining Tiktok you can now follow myself, Bat Murns and BJ links will be below: -

  • Mine - @jirvine86

  • BJ - @johnnyblaze_08

  • Bat Murns - @ksc112003

Also sadly this weekend I won't be joining my estranged colleagues live at 6 pm on TBT live as I now have work commitments but don't worry I will be back next weekend.

Much love from myself 🥰



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