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How avoiding toxicity is good for your soul

Good afternoon it's me your Ohhhh so friendly neighbourhood Irvine. I thought this week I would do something a little different, instead of the usual trying to be hilarious 😏, I’m instead going breaking down why I think avoiding toxic people and environments is good for your mental health.

Now I know some of you are thinking 😫 not a boring blog, well hold your horses and hang around for this important topic.

Throughout the years I've had my fair share of toxic people in my life from family members, friends, ex-partners or just everyday people you meet in the street or at work. A few of them people have been interacted with over the last few years, those that I dated or that were close to me knew I suffered with mental health problems and yet they chose to manipulate, take advantage and exploit all of my weaknesses. Not only that but they chose to lie about me and the events that occurred and still chose to do so even though my friends like Matt Burns have seen evidence to prove otherwise.

Anyway, that’s not the only reason why I’ve decided to talk about this subject as it’s only a small reason as to why I’m bringing it up. My real reason however for this is to share my thoughts in the hope it reaches people who have toxic people in their lives but haven’t the courage to do anything about it.

I want to help in any way I can to ensure these toxic ass holes get booted out of your circle of trust because let’s face facts you can’t trust them and they don’t deserve you, their toxic behaviour knows no bounds.

Firstly identifying a toxic person isn’t easy because as humans we are easily misled, it’s not a sign that you’re stupid or anything like that but it is, however, the ability of a toxic person to persuade others and yourself that you’re in the wrong. So here’s what to look for 👀 and questions you should be asking yourself regarding these people .......

Are they Manipulating you or someone you care about?

Do they Judge you or others over things You like?

Do they never take responsibility for their feelings or actions?

They Don’t apologise for their behaviour or actions.

Are they inconsistent?

Do they constantly make you or others prove themselves?

Are they unsupportive and not inter in things that are important to you?

Do they blame you for everything bad in their life?

Are they Always right and you’re wrong?

They have no concept of your boundaries.

Are they habitually dishonest?

They are always the victim.

They are habitually sarcastic.

Do they never listen to you?

They feign concern about your welfare.

Are you constantly defending yourself about your decisions?

Do they boast about their achievements?

Finally are they all take, take, take whether it be your time, possessions and attention without any consideration or thought of giving back what they’ve taken? Which is also another form of manipulation.

If you have either answered yes or agreed in your mind with any of the above about an individual you know then here is some sound advice on what to do...

Avoid playing into their warped reality.

Do your very best NOT to get drawn in.

Pay attention to how they make you feel.

In cases where they’re not violent confront them about their behaviour.

Put yourself first.

Never try to fix them as they will drag you down.

Be prepared to say NO, walk away and cut them from your life.

Always remember you are not the reason for their behaviour and it’s not your fault that they act like a complete TWAT!!

Be the best version of you. Speak loudly and clearly about who you are and how you expect to be treated, never let anyone take advantage of your kind nature and remember The Burning Truths first rule in life ”DON’T BE A DICK”.

Right now I’ve got that out the way I’m hoping that you’ll join myself, Bat Murns and BJ for our weekly scheduled broadcast tomorrow which yes is a Sunday I think 🤔 at 6 pm I think 🤔 😜 see you all there peace out for now ✌️.



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