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WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

Image/Logo copyright of WWE

WWE Backlash 2018, the first PPV to start the Co-Brand PPV from now on as there will be no single Branded PPVs going forward (especially with the adverts, stating Best of Both Worlds for it). This is the first PPV that will most likely be the start of new feuds or re-matches from WrestleMania 34.

With all that being said, let’s get on with the predictions.

Like in previous predictions, I will be following these rules/guidelines: -

  • I will be predicting only the current matches that have been announced so far at the moment in time.

  • The matches will be in Random Order as I don't know what order they will be presented to us.

  • If a match gets restarted due to some rule-breaking being found out and etc, then the restarted outcome will be considered the true cannon result and the previous one will be discarded due to the restart.

  • (c) - Refers to the Champion(s) heading into the match


Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Winner: Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley

I would most likely say that it would be a good call to keep the momentum going for Braun Strowman at the moment, especially after winning the Greatest Royal Rumble match, plus Bobby Lashley needs to keep the momentum going as well and who knows, it could end up with Braun & Bobby going for some Tag Team Gold or end up feud against each other, which I think would be an interesting match up.

As for Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, I will admit that a victory would go well for them, especially with them sucking up to The Authority but I think they will most likely be the fall guys for The Authority at this moment in time, plus they usually manage to create some funny moments from it as well.


Daniel Bryan Vs Big Cass

Winner: Big Cass

As much as I don't want to put Big Cass down as the victor for this match due to the fact that Daniel Bryan is super over with the WWE Universe and a Top Tier Main Eventer, I feel that WWE want to start pushing Big Cass up rankings to possibly eventually either be a Main Eventer or Upper Mid-carder.

There is also the fact that Daniel Bryan has got his back-burner feud with The Miz, that has been going on for some time, from when Daniel Bryan was retired due to injuries and couldn't get clearance at the time, which in turn could end up having The Miz costing Daniel Bryan the match and then maybe hiring Big Cass in a Bodyguard role.


Roman Reigns Vs Samoa Joe

Winner: Roman Reigns

This match I will admit, I am actually looking forward to as I think these two have very good chemistry in the ring against each other, but I think the fact that Roman Reigns not being WWE Universal Champion for this match does send it to lower down on the card otherwise, I could have seen this being a Co-Main Event or even the Main Event match.

I think that Roman Reigns needs to regain some lost momentum from losing to Brock Lesnar multiple times (WrestleMania 34 being a shock and Greatest Royal Rumble being a joke due to rule changes being made to keep the Championship on Lesnar) but still want to keep him in the Main Event picture.

As for Joe, I think the loss won't damage his moment too much, as long as he attacks Roman after the match, viciously showing that he still has a mean streak in him, which will keep him up in the Main Event slot on SmackDown to possibly go for the WWE Championship as his next main goal.


Carmella (c) Vs Charlotte Flair

for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship

Winners: Carmella

(And STILL WWE SmackDown Women's Champion)

As much as WWE wants to push Charlotte Flair as the Star Attraction of the female roster on SmackDown, I think that Carmella will manage to keep her Championship reign going due to some assistance from The Iiconics, which in turn because it's taking 3 of them to beat 1 would help keep Charlotte Flair looking strong even in victory.

Carmella will be able to keep the Championship and still get plenty of hate from the WWE Universe by having her claim she won by herself, even though she is getting assistance.

For after this, I can see Charlotte Flair moving over to feud against The Iiconics. As for Carmella, she will then feud against either Asuka or Becky Lynch for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship


Nia Jax (c) Vs Alexa Bliss

for the WWE RAW Women's Championship

Winner: Nia Jax

(And STILL WWE RAW Women's Champion)

Nia Jax needs to be successful in defending her Championship against Alexa Bliss, otherwise, the whole reason why she won against her at WrestleMania 34 wouldn't mean much and raise questions on why they didn't allow Alexa Bliss reign to be longer, to attempt become one of the longest-reigning Champions.

Alexa Bliss I feel needs to take the loss, which in turn could end up turning into a good thing by making her humble which could maybe lead to a Face Turn for her but I very much doubt that, as she seems to enjoy being a Villain too much.

The only question I have is what's next for them after this because I feel once Nia does beat Alexa for the 2nd time, there won't need to be a 3rd. Does Alexa move onto Ronda Rousey, seeing as she is currently had some small story plot with Mickie James? As for Nia, she could possibly go against Ruby Riott/Riott Squad as a possible feud.


Jeff Hardy (c) Vs Randy Orton

For the WWE United States Championship

Winner: Jeff Hardy

(And STILL WWE United States Champion)

I can't see Randy Orton regaining the United States Championship back, otherwise, the whole fact that he dropped the Championship at WrestleMania 34 to Jinder Mahal (Which I thought was a joke reign and pointless), who then dropped the Championship to Jeff Hardy on RAW, when Mahal transferred to RAW and then Jeff transferred to SmackDown to bring the United States Championship back with him, to then drop it back to Randy.

I think this will be an interesting match but can only see Jeff retaining and then moving onto bigger matches or at the very least raising the prestige of the Championship.


Seth Rollins (c) Vs The Miz

for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Winner: Seth Rollins

(And STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion)

This is a very interesting matchup because if The Miz is victorious, it means that the Intercontinental Championship will be moving over to SmackDown. However, the chances of that sort of move happening is very unlikely especially as there is already a mid-card Championship on SmackDown (United States Championship - mentioned in the previous prediction match).

I can see Seth Rollins successfully defending his Championship against The Miz and then going into a feud against Finn Bálor, who has been so close at gaining the Championship and that feud then maybe turning one of them Heel which will ignite into many big matches between the two of them. If I had to state who I would bet the Heel Turn being, I would say Finn Bálor, due to how many times he has been close to becoming Intercontinental Champion.


No Disqualification Match

AJ Styles (c) Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

For the WWE Championship

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

(And NEW WWE Champion)

This match needs to somehow be bigger than the one that they had at WrestleMania 34, especially with the whole story that has been going on for them.

As much as there is the rumour that Samoa Joe is going to be the next one gunning for the Championship, I can see Shinsuke Nakamura being the New Champion more, especially with the fact that there is talk of AJ Styles having some injuries that he might need to rest up. Now Nakamura Vs Joe sounds like some good Main Event matches and WWE would be silly not to do, especially with how well they worked against each other in NXT.

However, there is still the case of AJ Styles wanting a rematch after losing the Championship, but that can be taken care of by having Joe make his claim at the same time to set up a Contenders Match between them or allow AJ Styles have his rematch, to then have Joe cost him the match. Either way, they do it, they need it ends with Joe being vicious on AJ Styles to take him out of the scene to rest up the injuries and come back even bigger. Then have Nakamura avoiding Joe by going against other challengers until AJ Styles is ready to make a return and then have AJ Styles cost Joe his Championship match.


These are my predictions for WWE Backlash 2018

I can't see many shock twists or any turns at this PPV as this as this will be mostly either re-matches/fall-out matches from WrestleMania 34 or Matches that will be setting up new feuds for the year.

I am disappointed that Brock Lesnar is still WWE Universal Champion and not even at this PPV to defend his Championship, but WWE has been doing some surprise twists (even if they, have been poorly implemented & executed). Reigns Vs Joe would have been hyped more if the WWE Universal Championship was on the line (If Roman had won the Championship at any of his recent previous attempts) and most likely would have been a Good Co-Main Event Match on the card instead of it feeling more like a mid-card match.

So, with all that said, please let me know in the comments section below, if you agree, disagree, and what your predictions are for WWE Backlash 2018.

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