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WWE Fastlane 2018 Predictions

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WWE Fastlane 2018, the last Smackdown Brand only PPV before WrestleMania 34. This will be the last PPV event where big story plans/plots for the Smackdown Brand to be corrected/changed before WrestleMania 34 (but not the last time as a whole as there will be a few more episodes of Smackdown before WrestleMania 34), which means either a story plan/plot can be closer to be set in stone for the showcase of the immortals or where there can be a big surprise plot twist that will catch everyone off guard and have everyone shocked.

Now let’s get on with the predictions.

Just like in previous predictions, I will be following these rules/guidelines: -

  • I will be predicting only the current matches that have been announced so far at the moment in time.

  • The matches will be in Random Order as I don't know what order they will be presented to us.

  • If a match gets restarted due to some rule-breaking being found out and etc, then the restarted outcome will be considered the true cannon result and the previous one will be discarded due to the restart.

  • (c) - Refers to the Champion(s) heading into the match


Becky Lynch & Naomi


Natalya & Carmella

Winners: Natalya & Carmella

I think that this will be a good opening match to start the show-off. The reason why I think Natalya & Carmella will come away with the win is that I think Carmella does need to have some momentum if there is going to be a cash-in with her Money in the Bank. Also, Becky Lynch & Naomi have been quite high, so the loss wouldn't hurt them too much really, and could regain momentum on the next episode of Smackdown Live.


Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Rusev (with Aiden English)

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

I think this is the easiest match to predict, as Shinsuke Nakamura needs as much momentum as possible going into Wrestlemania 34 against the WWE Champion. I do feel sorry for Rusev as it seems like he has been gaining several losses lately, when he should be gaining at least some victories, especially with how over he is getting Rusev Day. Whenever he comes out, you hear the WWE Universe (Fans/Crowd/Audience) chanting "Rusev Day!, Rusev Day!". I am hoping that he does eventually get a break or at the very least becomes a Face because it's getting over.


Charlotte Flair (c) Vs Ruby Riott (with Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)

for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

Winner: Charlotte Flair

(And STILL WWE Smackdown Women's Champion)

I can't see Charlotte Flair losing to Ruby Riott, so close to Wrestlemania 34. The only way I could see Charlotte losing the Smackdown Woman's Championship at Fastlane, would be if a Money In The Bank Cash In happened and Carmella won, which would then mean that it would be Carmella Vs Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 34, but can't see that happening as I think Carmella is saving her Money In The Bank Cash In for Wrestlemania 34 and possibly try to copy what Seth Rollins did at Wrestlemania 31.


The Usos (c) (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso)


The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and/or Xavier Woods)

for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Winners: The Usos

(And STILL WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions)

The Usos have been the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, for a long time and it could do with a new top team, I think they will leave with the victory for 2 reasons:

1st reason is that The New Day has been on top before and were actually the ones who held the championship before The Usos claimed them.

2nd Reason is because of how things have been building between The Usos & The Bludgeon Brothers, it seems like they could be leading to a Wrestlemania 34 match against each other, who knows could make it a Triple Threat with The New Day as well, which I think would make a great match.

So, don't be surprised if The Bludgeon Brothers show up after the match to attack both The Usos & The New Day to try and make an example out of them.


Bobby Roode (c) Vs Randy Orton

for the WWE United States Championship

Winner: Bobby Roode

(And STILL WWE United States Champion)

The match will be a good tester for Bobby Roode to go against a Former Multiple Time World Champion, as it will show if he is ready for the big step, possibly into the Main Event Picture, or just below it. It will also bring the WWE United States Championship up as well due to Randy Orton competing for it and I don't think it would do much harm against Randy if he lost as he has found a way to get momentum back by just hitting someone with an RKO from Outta Nowhere.


Six-Pack Challenge Match

AJ Styles (c) Vs John Cena Vs Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn Vs Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler

For the WWE Championship

Winner: AJ Styles

(And STILL WWE Champion)

I feel that if AJ Styles doesn't win at Fastlane, then WWE will be passing up a Dream Match that the WWE Universe (Fans/Crowd/Audience) clearly are after. As much as it could be odd that John Cena isn't competing at Wrestlemania, I think that it would anger the WWE Universe (Fans/Crowd/Audience) if John Cena does win because it will just look like WWE is focusing on Cena's attempt at claiming the Most World Championship Reigns, which yes it would be a Wrestlemania moment but I feel that AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania would somehow produce an even bigger moment.


These are my predictions for WWE Fastlane 2018.

I think that overall that WWE Fastlane will be an interesting PPV Event for them, however as you may have noticed I have predicted that all Champions will be successful in defending their Championship to keep the rumored or planned matches for Wrestlemania 34 in play as scheduled, but I think that they may add a twist here and there may be to try and make it look like it could go in a different direction.

So, with all that being said, please let me know in the comments section below, if you agree, disagree, and what your predictions are for WWE Fastlane 2018.

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