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The Beginning of a New Chapter for TBT

Ladies & Gentlemen, Dudes & Dudettes today is a dawn of a new day for The Burning Truth as this will be the first-ever official Weekly Blog post which I know if you are a listener of the broadcast will possibly know that I have been talking about getting something like this done for far too long but it looks like the day has finally arrived.

I am going to be completely honest when I say this, I had no idea how I was even going to consider making a start for this (which most likely was the cause for it not starting sooner) but what better way to start this by explaining how the TBT Weekly Blog is going to be running each week.

The plan is for each of the hosts at The Burning Truth (Myself, John Bloor & James Irvine) to take turns each week writing a blog of their current thoughts, possible ideas, or just about anything that they fancy chatting about and sharing out to all of you. Fingers are crossed that it won't just be about wrestling all the time (hopefully) and who knows, it might not even have wrestling as a topic at all for a week but that will be up to the writer/blogger for the week.

So let me make a start by saying that I couldn't be happier and overjoyed that tomorrow will be the 6 Year Anniversary of The Burning Truth and it all started from a small idea that just kept growing and growing.

I will never forget when it was a Podcast, only being heard on YouTube and having to use a single Dictaphone for the recordings, which meant that anyone that was going to be on the show had to be in the same room together as well and to avoid any delays we always did it in all one take (which in a way was good practice for when we did become a Live Broadcast).

If you had told me all of them years ago that The Burning Truth would become a Live Broadcast that can be listened via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Podcast, and many other broadcasts/podcast sources, I would most likely have laughed and called you crazy. Nevermind the fact that we have also done Wrestling Show Reviews (Audio and Written) and Wrestling Interviews as well.

With everything that I have already said so far about The Burning Truth, it still continues to grow as well, with the new fresh ideas that are always coming up, for example doing live game streaming, which I am really looking forward to doing including the horror games that will most likely have me screaming at some point (It's all for entertainment is what I am telling myself).

So with all that being said, I hope that you are able to listen to the 6 Year Anniversary Special Broadcast Episode tomorrow and if you have any topics you would like us to discuss or showcase our thoughts on, just put them in the comments below or contact us via the many platforms available (Social Media and Email).

Hope that you all stay well and stay safe.

It has been emotional, chat to you again soon.



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