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The Academy Wrestling - Dawn of a Champion

We made our way to the Academy with excitement filling out the arena in Madeley, today was to be the day where Academy Pro Wrestling crowned its first champion. Speaking with a few of the wrestlers before the show you could tell it was an achievement they wanted and in most cases, they needed it.  You can only be the first-ever champion once and history cannot be rewritten once it has been made.

The principle of the day is simple 8 men arrived to compete for a chance at putting their names in the history books, however when the dust is settled only one can leave as The Academy Heavyweight Champion.

The show kicks off with a crowd countdown before the main man on the mic Stewart makes his way to the ring with Tommy Gunn, they are here to hype the crowd up for the night's proceedings and they remind us of the championship tournament to come. Stewart reminds us how far academy has come in such a short space of time and then introduces the commentary team for the evening Simon Brown and Templeton Cruise (the man of a thousand entrance songs)

The Format of the night is revealed there will be 4 quarter-final matches with a 15-minute time limit if the match doesn’t have a winner then no one will progress to the semis.

Match 1

CJ Connors Vs Big Mike Wyld

For those who haven’t been keeping score this match as a lot of history already and this being a for a place in the semi’s only raises the stakes. The 2 men have beaten and battered each other over the Academy already this year so this should be good.

CJ Connors starts the match by retreating to the outside already showing that the time limit doesn’t affect him. Collar and elbow up and Big Mike Wyld pushes him to the corner and Connors decides that discretion is the better part of valor. Wyld wins the collar and elbow tie-up for the second time and again teases the big chop.

Big Mike Wyld chases Connors around the outside but Connors gets the cheap shot in and takes the big man down. Connors start works the big man's leg around the post and then again in the ring. It seems Connors has got a game plan and he is sticking to it. Shots to the knee and again working the big man not letting him get to his feet. Nice turnbuckle dropkick and Connors gets the first 2 count of the evening.

Wyld tries to mount a comeback but is halted and Connors locks in the figure 4 in the middle of the ring Wyld’s shoulders are down but only a 2 count. Connor is being merciless in this match much like a dog with bone zoning in on the leg and not let Wyld get in the match. There is another slight flurry with chops from Wyld but not enough to gain control. Connors goes up top but gets swatted out of the air Wyld goes for broke but can’t get Connors up for the finish and Connors goes for the schoolboy and gets his feet on the rope for the 3 count.

A Dominating first appearance by Connors did what he needed to and with a performance like that The Purge could have a Heavyweight Champion in their ranks by the end of the night.

Winner - CJ Connors

Up next is the next member of the Purge, Joe Black and he is going against Damo Scorpio. Again just like the last match, there is plenty of history and no love lost between these two competitors.

Match 2

Joe Black Vs "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

The Purge already has one member through to the semis can they go 2 for 2. Collar and elbow tie-up by black twice and both times he wins the battle of strength. Scorpio giving up quite a bit is in size but makes up for it in quickness. Scorpio goes for a Leg Sweep misses as Black jumps over it and they both hit boots to the midsection.

Battle of speed across the ring is won by Joe Black as he nearly takes Scorpio’s head off with a vicious Lariat. He sets Scorpio up on the turnbuckle and then hits a Running Shoulder Charge, moves him across to a new turnbuckle, and again hits more Shoulder Thrusts. Black lets his guard down and is hit with a Running Dropkick. But not too long before Black regains control of the small Scorpio with a Sleeper.

Scorpio tries to kick and punch his way out but is just knocked back down by Black. The second time of asking Scorpio dodges the Clothesline and hits a Running Sling Blade. Scorpio is now trying to build the crowd up goes up top for a Crossbody but is caught with a Spinebuster that even the enforcer Arn Anderson would have been proud of. Black goes back to the mid-section of Scorpio.

Scorpio tries another Crossbody but again is caught by Black and hit with a Fall Away Slam. Sit-out Gutbuster by Black takes the wind out of Scorpio. Black goes for the finish with a Swanton but misses, Scorpio hits the Running Dropkick and we are now seeing a test of who wants it more as an old fashion slug feast. Black goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but it gets countered, into a quick Roll-Up for the 1,2,3 and the match is over.

The first 2 through to the semis is CJ Connors and Damo Scorpio

Winner - "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

Match 3

Eddie Cobain Vs Ajax

Jayme Future makes his way to the ring. Said he has come all the way from Shrewsbury to see us tosspots. He says he is the Ace of the Academy and he has picked the next Ace of the Academy and Operation Gold Cobra is a go and he introduces Eddie Cobain. The two-together portrait a scene that belongs in a Broke Back Mountain movie.  Stewart brings out Cobain’s opponent which is the high flyer Ajax.

Cobain starts by taunting the crowd and gets a lock-up center of the ring which is won by Ajax who locks in a Headlock and then goes Around the World before a Schoolboy for 2. Cobain still getting wound up by the crowd goes for another tie-up but meets the same result. Snapmare Handstand Dropkick combo by Ajax and Cobain tries to compose himself on the outside of the ring. Cobain with the Hotshot on the middle rope.

Then he goes for the Choke on ajax and takes the offense to the corner with Chops to the chest and back. Cobain adjusted the momentum to a more comfortable pace for him hitting the European Uppercut for a 2 count. Ajax ducks the Clothesline and hits the Neckbreaker but cannot capitalize on this as Cobain hits the Knee and get the control once again before the momentum goes back to Ajax with a Clothesline and then gets sent to the outside.

Ajax goes for the Backstabber but is pushed away and is then caught with a Fireman’s Carry Suplex and then hits a Modified Rainmaker into The Sister Abigail and confirms his spot in the Semi-Finals later in the evening.

Winner - Eddie Cobain

Match 4

Joey Sanchez Vs Luke Basham

The Last Match of the Quarter Finals is about to take place and the man most people would consider the favourite Luke Basham is to take on another front runner in Joey Sanchez. This match could give us the Winner of the Whole Tournament.

The match starts off with a staredown between the 2 fan favourites neither of them is wanting to give an inch but a handshake as a sign of respect and now we are going to get down to business. Basham gets pushed back by Sanchez in the feeling-out process, another tie-up but this time Basham is one doing the pushing to Sanchez these 2 are fairly even in the opening movements. A test of strength leads to Sanchez getting in the double leg takedown on Basham. Basham hits a Stiff Forearm and then hits a Tope Suicide Dive to the outside.

Sanchez returns the favour by hitting an over the top Crossbody to the outside. Sanchez goes to trade right hands on the outside with Basham. This match is going to be an all-out slugfest and they are trading bombs on the inside of the ring before Basham hit a Hard Clothesline. Hard Body Slam by Basham followed by an Elbow Drop gets a 2 count. Basham goes hard with the Forearm shots to the corner. Before Basham runs at Sanchez and ducks the Clothesline attempt and then gets caught with an RKO from a Springboard attempt.

Both men have given it there all and are fighting to beat a ten count in the middle of the ring. Again, this goes back to who wants it more by trading bombs in the middle of the ring. Basham gets a second wind hits a Belly to Belly but gets stopped short with a Boot to the Face and an Elbow. Sanchez looks to take control but Basham counters it again with a Splash and Drive-by Boot to the corner.

Basham hits the Blue Thunder Powerbomb for a 2 count. Basham sets up for a Spear but is caught with a Code Breaker for a 2 count. This has all the writing of going the distance as neither man is willing to give away their chance to be crowned champion 5 minutes left in this match. Out of nowhere Future appears on the balcony and distracts the pair of competitors.

Both competitors remember that they were currently in a match and as such quickly get back to the action. Sanchez goes for the Superkick but is caught in the Ankle Lock but a Roll Through by Sanchez for a 2 count.

Basham hits a Big Boot again only to get a 2 count, Irish Whips traded by the pair before Basham hits a Springboard RKO only to get another 2 Count. Time is running out and both men are going for broke Basham hits the Spear at this point everyone is wondering what will it take to put one of the competitors away. Sanchez hits the mark with his Superkick but again not able to put Basham away. Sanchez locks in the Sharpshooter but it is countered into a Leg Bar however sadly the time elapsed for this match and Eddie Cobain got a Bye into the Final.

The 2 Warriors show respect to each other before leaving the arena, however, this match is a showcase of what the Academy has to offer with 2 of the Best Talents in this region of the country, giving it there all and not giving an inch to each other.

Winner - Draw

Due to the 15 Minute Time Limit being reached

The Second Half of the show kicks in with Stewart and Tommy Gunn coming back out to kick off the show again. They instantly raise the tone by getting the crowd amped for the upcoming matches. Tommy Gunn resumes his timekeeping duties for the event. Stewart gets us straight into the Semi-Final Match which is CJ Connors against Damo Scorpio who overcame his Purge brethren earlier on in the Quarter Finals.

Match 5

CJ Connors Vs "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

Scorpio is no stranger to the power game of Connors who is looking to build on his impressive outing earlier in the evening when overcoming Big Mike Wyld in convincing fashion. Whereas Scorpio was dominated for large portions of the match with Black but still managed to get the victory. Both combatants will want this done as quickly as possible to save their energy for the Final Match against Eddie Cobain for the Academy Championship.

Scorpio realises he must move quickly if he is to get the upper hand and as soon as the bell rings he hits the Running Dropkick, and then goes for a quick burst trying to knock Connors off his stride. However, Scorpio can’t keep the pace due to some possible injuries that occurred earlier on and are soon on the receiving end of Connors' aggression. Who hits 2 Running Strikes in the corner and then hits a Running Daniel Bryan Style Dropkick in the corner nearly knocking Scorpio into the middle of next week.

Connor again on the offense chokes Scorpio in the corner and then in the corner, Scorpio looks like he is still feeling the effects of the earlier battle and Connors like a shark going for blood hits a Belly to Belly concentrating the main attack to the midsection. Scorpio is trying to mount a brief come back but is caught and then driven into the corner and strikes dished out.

Scorpio eventually manages to hit a kick but it knocks Connors to the outside where he can recoup and catch his breath. Scorpio goes for the drive but is caught and Connors hits a Vicious Body Slam onto the outside ring steps which caused some major damage. This is where Connors picks the remains of Scorpio up off the floor and then rolls him into the ring.

Connors goes for a Running Splash in the corner but this is dodged by Scorpio, Tornado DDT and then a Coup De Grace from the top is hit but Connors as the ring presence to get his arm under the rope makes Scorpio drag him into the center of the ring for a 2 count and cause some discomfort for Scorpio as well, due to the hurt ribs and back.

Connors hits a Mini Pop-Up Powerbomb but gets caught by the ref with his feet on the ropes. Scorpio then from out of nowhere after getting placed onto Connor’s shoulders for a possible Electric Chair Drop, manages to do a reversal into a Victory Roll for the win.

Winner - "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

After the match, Black and Connors take their frustration out on the smaller Scorpio by going for an all-out assault on Scorpio throwing him into the railings and hitting Scorpio across the bridge of the back with a Steel Chair multiple times. The Purge showed no signs of any remorse and hit Scorpio with the Magic Killer to bring the punishment to an end.

Scorpio didn’t have much time to recover before the Main Event and it wasn’t even sure if he would even be able to compete in the Main Event, Cobain must have been in the back rubbing his hands together knowing that making history is within reaching distance, by just turning up and either being declared the winner by default due to Scorpio being too injured or by defeating Scorpio who has been weakened by going through the Purge and their assault already. So in Cobain’s mind, the Main Event was already in the bag, and that he will be the Victor and First-Ever Academy Champion by the end of the night

We now have a break away from the Tournament as the next match we had up next, was a Tag Team Match featuring The Metro Club (members Danny Devine & Lord Graham Thomas being accompanied by Jasabel) and they will be against Harry Cruise & Micky Rowley

Match 6

Tag Team Match

The Metro Club Vs Harry Cruise & Micky Rowley

Both teams face off and The Metro Club tries to get a jump start but get Hip Tossed and Body Slammed for their troubles. Harry and Micky then start doing double team moves on Danny Devine. Devine slides out of the ring where LGT is there to provide support but as Micky was about to do a dive onto them, Jasabel grabs Micky’s leg to put a stop to that and cause a distraction which Devine and LGT jumped on.

The Metro Club cut the ring in half on Micky, showing great tag team experience, but also with the added cheap shots by Jasabel and LGT. Devine starts beating down on Micky in the corner and calls for “Balls Out” at which put the dice come out however it didn’t pay off as Micky moved which meant that Devine landed on turnbuckle very uncomfortably.

Micky was then able to tag in Harry, who managed to take care of Devine and German Suplex LGT which was then allowed by a Shotgun of Finishers with it ending on a Falcon Arrow by LGT but the action was so fast-paced and brutal that no one could attempt a pinfall at the end of it. They all get up in a tag team brawl which sent The Metro Club outside, so Micky hit a Suicide Dive on them, which was then followed by Harry, doing a Corner Twisting Crossbody onto The Metro Club.

The Metro Club go for a Suplex and Frog Splash combo but it’s countered which leads to Harry lifting Devine on his shoulders for a Doomsday Device but Devine Victory Rolled up Harry for the 3 Count.

Winners - The Metro Club

After the match, the Metro Club paid Harry & Micky much respect by shaking hands with them, which Harry & Micky return the favour by allowing The Metro Club to celebrate their victory. However,  just as the Metro Club is about to leave Steven Keane comes with his Hockey Stick, almost like a repeat of what happened at the last show. Does the Purge have an issue with The Metro Club?

Keane looks furious over being what he would consider being overlooked at being able to enter the Inaugural Academy Championship Tournament, he claimed that it was an injustice that he wasn’t able to compete in the Tournament.

Damo Scorpio was then announced, that he had been cleared to compete in the Main Event for the Academy Championship against Eddie Cobain.

Match 7

Steven Keane Vs Shane Hardy

It was a jump start by Keane at the very start of the match, while also looking to make an example out of Hardy here tonight shots to the back and then a choke on the second rope. Keane teases the hockey stick but Hardy goes at Keane with some stiff forearms shots and Keane replies with an Exploding Brogue Kick and followed by a Pump Handle Slam to bring this match to a very early end. With how short the match was Keane was hoping to show that maybe an oversight might have been made by the management as this lit the fire under him.

Winner – Steven Keane

CJ Connors & Joe Black appear after the match, there looked to be a bit of dissension in the ranks of the Purge, where Keane asks Connors and Black are they with him or against him and they reply by asking where would Keane be without them. Connors & Black show their loyalty to the Purge by Connors hitting a Running Dropkick and then they both systematically take apart Hardy with Keane hitting a Top Rope Elbow on Hardy as the exclamation point of the assault before a few Nasty Hockey Stick Shots to the mid-section for good measure.

The Purge then decides to leave the arena but not before trying to bully a few of the Referees and still trying to get a message across that they are still in charge no matter what.

Main Event coming up next and time to see if Damo Scorpio has truly recovered enough within the limited time frame to put up a good fight, or if tonight’s the night that Eddie Cobain takes the next step in his journey for greatness at the Academy.

The build-up is at a fever pitch now the crowd are ready to see who will be the history maker, will it be the Fan Favourite Damo Scorpio who has had to overcome all-mighty odds already, by battling against the Purge, which was followed up by a beat down of epic proportions, or will it be Eddie Cobain who seemed to be enjoying his stroke of luck of having a Bye to the Final, due to Joey Sanchez & Luke Basham battling to a time-limit draw and after watching the dirty work of the Purge, which made his opponent less than 100% for the Final.

Tommy Gunn builds up the hype for September 9th for Over & Out where the Academy will again host another first, this time a Rumble Match to determine the Number One Contender for the Academy Championship at The Academy Anniversary Show.

Match 8 - Main Event

Academy Championship Match

Eddie Cobain Vs "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

Grand Entrances are being made for the Main Event and first out is Eddie Cobain who looks well-rested and so he should be as he hasn’t had to contest a Semi-final and he is accompanied by Jayme Future, who said earlier on that Operation Gold is ago.

The arena goes dark and the crowd awaits the arrival of their Hero, in Damo Scorpio, can he carry the weight of expectation for one last match and become Academy Champion or will it be too much.

Cobain makes a joking jester toward Scorpio firing an arrow, Tommy Gunn makes a rule, where if anyone interferes in the match from the back they will be banned from the Academy and sends Jayme Future to the back and the crowd serenades him with the Infamous Na Na Na Tune while Tommy tells Jayme to hit the bricks.

Last observations before the match starts, Scorpios mid-section has taken a huge beating and is taped heavy and very sure that this will be a bullseye for Eddie.

Scorpio fires shots of first and Cobain counters but can’t maintain his attack before Scorpio gets the upper hand. On the apron Scorpio lands a Single Leg Dropkick before going up top for a Crossbody, Scorpio is showing that he is willing to give it all for the chance to get the Championship. Kick to the mid-section by Scorpio but Cobain charges out and rams Scorpio to the apron. Breaks the count and carries the assault on before throwing Scorpio back in.

Eddie goes for an all-out attack on the back. Open Hand Chop to the chest of Scorpio before Cobain turns him around and targets the back of Scorpio. Cobain as got a big target to aim at and is taking his time sensing it’s just a matter of when and not if, at the moment in time, Scorpio having been in one more match is feeling the effects before Cobain chops again and hits a Running European on a prone Scorpio for a 2 count.

Scorpio fights out of a Backbreaker Hold with kicks to the head and then hits Cobain with a Shining Wizard, the crowd pushing Scorpio to keep the assault up. Suplex first blocked by Cobain but is finally hit by Scorpio. Hotshot by Cobain which allows him the time to recoup and go back on the assault again. Running Backbreaker from the corner to the middle of the ring, for a 2 count. Modified Abdominal Stretch by Cobain.

Cobain goes for a Camel Clutch and when Scorpio looks to be breaking free he jumps on the wounded back again. Scorpio breaks free and go for a series of roll-up pins, but only getting 2 counts each time. Scorpio then hits a few Daniel Bryan Style kicks before Cobain breaks free. Back Drop by Cobain goes for the pin to only get a 2 Count. Every time Cobain goes for these pins it is making Scorpio work hard to break out wasting more energy but at the same time, Cobain is getting more frustrated as well.

Cobain catches the foot of Scorpio from the top rope and swings him into another Modified Backbreaker, which showed that Cobain has got a plan and he is sticking to it. Scorpio attempts a codebreaker but it’s countered into the Original Version of the Lion Tamer with the knee to the back for added pressure.

Cobain not giving an inch hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker to send Scorpio to the outside. Calculated kicks to the stomach and sending Scorpio into the railing. Snapmare in the ring but after too much time showboating, it allows Scorpio to use a Running Dropkick and get a 2 Count. Both men are down and slowly rise to their feet, at which point Scorpio decides to go all-out and starts to just swing out strikes at Cobain, in what some might say was out of desperation but the shots find their target before he stands up and hits a roundhouse for a 2 count.

Eddie Cobain attempts a Sister Abigail but it’s countered into the Complete Shot into a Koji Clutch Submission. Cobain not wanting to give up his chance at history, crawls to the ropes, and secures the break. Scorpio hits Slice Bread Number 2, only a 2 count though before hitting a Springboard DDT. Scorpio set Cobain up and climbs to the top rope, but Cobain shoves the Ref into the ropes and while Scorpio is prone on the ropes he hits a top rope Sister Abigail to become the First-Ever Academy Champion and making history.

Winner and FIRST-EVER Academy Wrestling Champion - Eddie Cobain

Future runs out like he has just won a gold medal to congratulate the New Champion and is joined by Templeton Cruise as the 3 celebrate in the middle of the ring.

Scorpio gave it his all but the odds were just too much to overcome this time, however, he must now refocus his efforts to Over & Out as he will be getting his chance in a return match with Cobain where this time he will be at 100%.

​All ringside & action images are copyrighted by The Academy Wrestling & UK Wrestling Media

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