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The Academy Wrestling - Anarchy

The Burning Truth returns to Telford, Medley for another actioned packed night of wrestling courtesy of The Academy, which we attended their previous show (Please check the previous review we did – New Year’s Resolution 4th February 2017).

Judging by the flyer and by taking a guess who would be involved at the show, we already had plenty to look forward to and we knew they wanted to step up their game as well, which they had a few surprises as they surprised us with a Pre-Show, which goes to show how many action-packed matches they had prepared.

Pre-Show Match

Harry Cruise Vs Pablo w/ Cadamia

The Academy started off the night, with a great pre-show match. This caught our attention and raised our hopes for the remainder of the night.

As we were watching the match, we were very impressed with Harry Cruise, who we think has a lot of potential, even though he is only 20 years old. We will keep a close eye on this upcoming wrestler, as he has much promise.

As for who Harry will be up against Pablo, has a unique look which most other talents don’t have., especially so early on in their wrestling careers. What did catch us by complete surprise was who he was being accompanied by Cadamia.

Pablo’s girlfriend does stand out and made everyone look twice due to their unique appearance and often deep voice. The Burning Truth never judges as we believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The match started with a tight headlock by Harry to Pablo, who tried to escape by trying to overpower or outmaneuver Harry. Pablo couldn’t do either as Harry anticipated every attempt to escape and kept control in the middle of the ring.

Eventually, Pablo did manage to get out of the headlock by pushing Harry off using the ropes to his advantage. Harry then quickly returned with a shoulder block that sent Pablo to the canvas.

Harry was showing that he had the advantage against Pablo in a fair fight in the ring, which the tables turned when Pablo exited the ring and Harry followed to bring him back in. Pablo then used Cadamia to shield himself from Harry and followed it up with a Cheap shot, which at point Cadamia was joyed about as they kept trying to chant Pablo’s name.

Pablo kept the advantage on his side by using any tricks or devious move he could think of to keep Harry down, however just as it looked like Pablo was about to hit his finisher, Harry quickly tripped up Pablo by grabbing his legs, Harry then did a slingshot maneuver into the corner which he then followed it up with a German Suplex to by himself some recovery time, which he quickly used to his advantage by hitting a Fisherman Driver to bring the Pre-Show match to an end.

Winner - Harry Cruise

The lights then lowered and the music begins to play to introduce the audience to the Main Show and the Ring Announcer Stewart Summers who was full of energy and ready to get the action started, however, they decided to have a unique start to a wrestling show by inviting some young wrestling fans into the ring to do some knock, knock jokes which did produce some laughter.

Tommy Gun then arrived, to a loud cheer from the crowd to show that he was still a fan favourite and loved. He was there to make some special announcements, which one of them was a special guest wrestler will be wrestling on the show, but more importantly to announce the special guest General Manager – World of Sport Legend, “Simply the Best” Marty Jones

The whole audience (including The Burning Truth) gave Marty Jones standing applause to honour the World of Sport Legend, who says it was such an honour for himself to be at The Academy as he believes that the British Style comes from shows like this and he has many fond memories of wrestling on shows that were like the Academy. He also mentioned that The Academy is in the top 3 in being granted some funding to help with the Academy Wrestling School which he believes is helping the youth of Britain and possibly help find future British Superstars.  

The Purge then comes out to ruin the announcements and everyone’s fun. The Purge came out with the message that no one was going to tell them what to do ever and that they are the only ones who are in charge at The Academy. They did state that they wouldn’t do any harm to Marty Jones at all, as there are some lines that not even they will cross, however, the Ring Announcer was fair game.

Just as The Purge was about to give Stewart Summers a beating, the entire locker room emptied out which made The Purge make a quick exit. It seems that The Purge only likes the numbers game when it’s in their favour.

2 Matches were then announced for the Show later, which were as follows: -

CJ Connors & Joe Black Vs Big Mike Wyld & “The Blue Arrow” Damo Scorpio


Main Event: Steven Keane Vs Luke Basham

As soon as the matches were announced The Purge just smiled and left, almost as if they had gotten what they were after. The ring then cleared up so that The Commentary team could be introduced which were Simon Brown, Templeton Cruise & Joey Sanchez.

So with everything in place and ready, onto the Main Show.

Match 1

Ajax Vs "The Metrosexual" Danny Devine

At the beginning of the match Danny thinks he is the crowd favourite and climbs the turnbuckles to the audience booing him, which annoys him and as he climbs down, Ajax climbs the turnbuckles to cheers from the audience which annoys Danny even more.

Danny then climbs back up to more booing from the audience and then as Ajax was climbing up, Danny jumps him from behind with a clubbing elbow to try and gain the early advantage but as he tried to do an Irish Whip, Ajax countered with his own Irish Whip into a Japanese Arm Drag, followed by a standard Arm Drag.

Danny then retreats to the outside of the ring and manages to trip up Ajax to gain the advantage, while also throwing a few cheap shots in for good measure to make sure that he has the advantage over Ajax.

Danny then places Ajax into the corner to give him a further beat down, which then he decided to Irish whip Ajax into the opposite corner and follows it up with a running high knee to the chin which most would have thought knocked Ajax out, but it wasn’t enough.

Ajax then tries to make a comeback, with body shots until Danny hits a chop followed by a Snap Suplex combo, Danny didn’t think it was enough so decided to hit a Backbreaker for good measure but it only got him a 2 count.

Ajax then starts another fighting comeback with some more body shots, however as he ran towards the ropes, Danny answered with a kitchen sink (knee to the midsection) and followed it up with a backdrop. 

Danny then decided to go for the submission as throughout the match, he had been working on Ajax’s back and so goes for the Camel Clutch (Iron Sheik would have been proud) and every time Ajax tried to fight out of it, Danny would jump on Ajax’s back.

During the 3rd attempt of jumping onto Ajax’s back to stop him from trying to fight out of the Camel Clutch Ajax quickly turned around and raised his knees for Danny to land on. This would allow Ajax some breathing time to recover while Danny was in a very uncomfortable manner.

As they both slowly managed to get back to their feet and have some recovery time, Danny attempted to do a springboard maneuver, however, Ajax was well prepared and managed to catch him in mid-air into a Powerslam for a close 2 count.

Danny then rakes the eyes of Ajax to gain the advantage and placed Ajax in the corner to then pull out his dice from his wrestling attire, which then Danny attempts a Bronco Buster but Ajax avoids it and Danny uncomfortably lands on the 2nd rope. This would be the 2nd time that Danny has been in an uncomfortable manner for the match, however, it would be the last time as Ajax gave Danny no time to recover by quickly hitting a 2nd Rope assisted Lung Blower for the pinfall.

Winner - Ajax

Match 2

Lord Graham Thomas Vs Evelyn

Before the match had even started, LGT had already used the ref as a step up and demanded that the ref opened the ropes for him like he was royalty.  LGT was all smiles as he arrived which quickly turned to confusion when he found out he was against Evelyn

LGT quickly grabs the mic as Evelyn arrived and demanded that the crowd to be quiet, to which they responded by chanting “Who Are You?”. LGT then smirked as he introduced himself again and then stated that this match is completely unfair on Evelyn and that she shouldn’t be Wrestling against someone so talented.

Evelyn stood her ground to show that she was willing to wrestle against LGT, which started to annoy LGT. So LGT assumed he would make Evelyn an offer she can’t refuse (at least in his mind of course), he offered her to go back to the kitchen to make him a sandwich or wrestle against him.

It looked like Evelyn was going to leave, which made LGT turn his back on her and face the crowd assuming he already had the victory, however, she quickly returned to LGT and well decided to go for both choices by giving LGT a knuckle Sandwich.

Evelyn then hit some forearm shots which sends LGT to the outside of the ring, which wasn’t too long as the action quickly returned to the ring.

Evelyn then attempted to hit a hip-toss, however, she didn’t manage to throw LGT who quickly countered it with a clothesline to place the match in his favour. LGT then quickly hit a Throat Thrust then into a Snapmare/Knee Drop Combo for a 1 count.

 LGT then got up with a big smile on his face as he had the advantage at that moment in time and decided to pick up Evelyn from the canvas and body-slammed her back down and followed it up with an elbow to the midsection

Evelyn made a quick fight comeback against everything that LGT had thrown against her and at some point, during the comeback managed to hit a stylish Flying Crossbody for a 2 Count.

Both managed to get up at the same time, however out of frustration over what has been happening throughout the match, LGT angrily slapped Evelyn in the face and followed it up with an STO for a 2 count.

Frustration was slowly but surely getting the better of LGT as he hit Evelyn with to Scoop Slams and quickly went for a leg drop, however, nobody was there for the landing as Evelyn managed to avoid it.

LGT went to the corner however, Evelyn come in quickly with some running corner clotheslines and followed it up with a Stinger Splash. As LGT stepped out of the corner, Evelyn quickly hit him with 3 clotheslines to knock him down.

Evelyn then bounced off the ropes as LGT was getting back to his feet, who attempted to counter with a back body drop, which was re-countered by Evelyn into a sunset flip attempted. The attempt wasn’t fully successful yet as LGT was rocking but still on his feet and tried to stop the momentum by grabbing the ropes. The ref kicked LGT’s arms off the ropes which then made the sunset flip attempt successful, but only for a 2 count.

LGT then managed to kick Evelyn in the midsection and lift her into a Jackhammer, which was followed up by a pin attempt that only got a 2 count, but he was getting closer to the victory which he assumed would have already had by now.

LGT sent Evelyn to the ropes with an Irish Whip; however, she managed to counter with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors, which sent LGT to the ring apron. Evelyn tried to grab LGT to bring him back in. however, he managed to use the top rope to his advantage by Stun-gunning Evelyn.

While Evelyn was near the ropes after being Stun-gunned. LGT then uses a Gargano style dive through the ropes to land a splash, which also left his feet on the ropes for an illegal pin attempt. The illegal pin attempt however was caught by the ref, who stopped the count. This mad LGT Furious with the ref and he got up to have angry words with, however, LGT took his focus off Evelyn who crawled behind LGT.

LGT started to poke and prod at the ref for not counting quicker during the pin attempts, to which the ref responded with pokes and prods. Eventually, LGT shoved the ref, which in turn the ref returned which tripped up LGT as Evelyn was behind him in a crouched position. This then leads to Evelyn to pin LGT and the ref did take LGT’s advise to count faster, which in turn lead to the 1,2,3 victory for Evelyn

Winner - Evelyn

Right after the match, the ref had to make a quick exit as LGT was very cross with him due to the pinfall count and the ref thought it would be a lot safer to make a run for the locker room, which LGT wasn’t far behind.

While Evelyn was having her victory celebration, it was quickly interrupted by Pablo & Cadamia. Pablo then tried to state that Evelyn wasn’t a real woman and that Cadamia was a real woman from his country, however that wasn’t the main reason why he came out. The real reason was to challenge Evelyn to a match at the next Academy show on June 10th.

Evelyn accepted the match and quickly slaps Pablo and before Cadamia stepped in, Evelyn kicked Cadamia in a very unpleasant manner before making her exit. Pablo and Cadamia then slowly picked themselves up and made their exit as well.

Match 3

Tag Team Match

The Purge (CJ Connors & Joe Black w/Steven Keane) Vs Big Mike Wyld & "The Blue Arrow" Damo Scorpio

At the start of the match, Scorpio using his quick thinking uses his speed to take advantage of the lager CJ Connors with some rapid kicks, a Hurricanrana, dropkick, and then a 2nd Rope Hurricanrana. CJ Connors must have been wondering was all coming from.

Scorpio takes Connors to his tag corner and tags in Wyld, which is followed up by Wyld giving Connors a corner chop. Connors quickly got away from Wyld’s grasp to tag in Joe, which then lead to a test of strength with a collar & elbow tie-up.

To most viewers’ surprise, Joe managed to push back the taller Wyld into a corner, to possibly indicate that he is the stronger of them. They quickly lock up again for another power battle it seemed, however, Joe quickly gives Wyld an Arm Drag and brags about it.

So Wyld quickly returned the favour by giving Joe an Arm Drag of his own to show that he might be a big man but he is very agile himself, much to the surprise of Joe who didn’t see it coming. They then exchange some shoulder blocks to each other that neither got knocked down for.

As Wyld goes for another Shoulder Block, Keane then uses the Hockey Stick to trip up Wyld, while the ref was distracted by Joe. Joe then gave Wyld a cheap shot to take advantage and start to try and beat down Wyld.

Wyld eventually manages to make the tag to Scorpio, who comes in with some flying clotheslines to The Purge and starts to hit with some kicks to the body on The Purge which the audience was happy with as they were chanting “Yes” with each kick.

Scorpio then tries to take down Connors, however, Connors has it scouted out and manages to counter him and take the advantage back for The Purge, who then cut the ring in half by beating down Scorpio with multiple tag team moves and each of them taking turns to step onto Scorpio.

Scorpio then starts to try and make a comeback against The Purge and decides to come off the 2nd rope, however, Joe sees it coming and catches Scorpio in mid-air with a AA Spinebuster that Arn Anderson would have been proud of.

Joe then makes a tag to Connors, who then lifts Scorpio and hits a Viscous Irish Curse Backbreaker that would bring an end to most matches with ease but it only managed to get a 2 Count on Scorpio.

The Purge then continued their beat down on Damo while also keeping the ring action on their half of the ring, making sure that Scorpio had no chance of making a tag to a well-rested Wyld. Wyld was begging for the tag to be made, so he could teach The Purge a lesson.

Connors goes for a Standing Suplex on Scorpio, who lands on his feet and quickly gives a Snap Suplex of his own in desperation. Both Connors & Scorpio slowly crawled to their corners to tag in their Tag Team Partner and they managed to do it at the same time.

Wyld quickly entered the ring like a house on fire and managed to corner splash The Purge, which was followed up by a double team move from Scorpio & Wyld, as Wyld threw Scorpio onto The Purge while they were sitting in the corner.

The ref then gets distracted by all the chaos that was happening and also by The Purge, which allowed Steven Keane to insert himself into the match again by hitting Wyld and Scorpio with the hockey stick and getting out of view of the ref.

Connors quickly takes advantage of this situation and lifts Wyld for a Devastating TKO, which was followed by a Swanton Bomb from Joe. The Purge then quickly both cover Wyld to make sure they have him pinned for the victory.

Winners - The Purge​

After the match, all members of The Purge then try to gang up on Scorpio and Wyld, however, Luke Basham quickly makes the save with a Steel Chair to send The Purge packing very quickly.

Match 4

Eddie Cobain Vs Shane Hardy

This match started with a clean Collar & Elbow Tie-up, in which Eddie took the early advantage with a headlock and did some Chain wrestling as well.  Eddie then tries to bring the match to a quick end by a quick schoolboy pin attempt which got a 2 count surprisingly.

Eddie was getting confident in the match as it appears he was in clear control, however that quickly soon ended as Shane suddenly managed to kick Eddie in the midsection and hits a neckbreaker which may have caught Eddie by surprise.

Eddie then out of frustration after being caught off guard quickly got up and started to choke Shane in the corner which was followed by a nasty sounding Chop with a beatdown. After a few seconds into the beat down Eddie quickly hits a snapmare and followed it up with a European Uppercut for a 2 count.

Eddie then decided to go for the submission victory by applying and Armbar to Shane, hoping that the match would come to an end with Shane tapping out but at last it didn’t and Shane showed that he had more heart than Eddie would give him credit for.

Shane slowly started to mount a comeback with some body shots and followed it up with a clothesline for a 2 count. As soon as Eddie kicked out, Shane quickly gifted a Suplex to Eddie that should have come with a bow but still, no victory came after it.

Eddie then quickly rakes the eyes of Shane to take control of the match back and hits Shane with Corner European Uppercuts, however, Shane quickly replied with some Corner clothesline and finished it off with a Miz Style Leaping Corner Clothesline.

Shane then calls for the finish as Eddie slowly gets back to his feet, however, Eddie sees what is about to happen next and quickly counters it with a Russian Leg Sweep before Eddie even got a chance to hit his finisher.

Eddie then calls for Shane to get up to his knees and as Shane does so, Eddie blasts him with a Superkick to bring this match to its end.

Winner – Eddie Cobain

Eddie offers a handshake after the match but Shane doesn’t accept especially seeing as at the previous show, he attacked after the handshake, so Shane wasn’t going to fall for it, so Eddie attacks Shane anyway.

The Ring Announcer and Joey Sanchez enter the ring to stop the beat down that Eddie was doing on Shane and make the save. Eddie quickly takes the mic and tells the Ring Announcer to get out of the ring and demands why even Joey Sanchez is still around, especially as Joey isn’t cleared to wrestle and even took a few jabs at him about Tommy Gun (His Brother, who is Injured) and about his fight against Cancer which didn’t go down well with the audience.

Special Guest General Manager, Marty Jones then informs that he has some news for Joey Sanchez that he wanted to inform him about in the back later in a more private setting but due to the current events decided to announce it now, which was that a message from the British Wrestling Board of Directors had arrived to inform Joey Sanchez that he has been given the All Clear to return to wrestling.

As soon as the Announcement of Joey Sanchez was given the All Clear, you could see that Eddie very quickly regretted everything that he had just said towards Joey and well it wouldn’t take Joey too long for him to take revenge on Eddie as he quickly hit a Superkick on him to lay him out.

Also, it was announced at the next Academy show, 10th June. Eddie Cobain Vs Joey Sanchez will take place.

Match 5

Tag Team Match

Djin & Drake Wynters w/ Gareth D Holloway Vs Ricky Rowley & Toxxik

For this Tag Match, we start with Drake Wynters & Ricky Rowley beginning with a Collar & Elbow Tie-up and Ricky takes the early advantage and tries to bring this match to an early end by attempting an Oklahoma Roll-up for a 2 Count.

Wynters quickly gets up and slaps Ricky in the face, who quickly replies with a punch and tries for another pinfall attempt. Wynters then cheap shots Ricky and locks in a headlock, which Ricky then sends Wynters to the ropes, who returns with a Shoulder Block to knock Ricky down to the Canvas.

Wynters starts to brag before running off the ropes and then jumps over Ricky who attempts to trip him up, however when Wynters comes back again, Ricky answers with a quick arm drag. At this point, Wynters decides he has had enough time in the Ring and so Tags in Djin, and Ricky replies by tagging in Toxxik.

Djin quickly users his size advantage against Toxxik and starts to push him around and even slaps Toxxik in the corner. Toxxik quickly replies with some Hip tosses and Arm Drags to Djin to take control of the match, but Djin quickly uses cheating tactics to return the match back into his team’s favour.

Djin tries to beat Toxxik down to the Canvas, however, Toxxik answers back with a Head Scissors, followed by a hurricanrana to bring the pace of the match back up. Toxxik then tags in Ricky and they both perform a double team move, using an Atomic Drop & Flying Clothesline Combo.

Ricky goes to pick up Djin from the Canvas and as he does Djin goes for the rake of the eyes to take control of the match back and starts to slowly beat down on Ricky. Holloway even managed to insert himself into the match by using his tie to choke Ricky behind the ref’s back due to being distracted.

Toxxik seeing that Ricky is taking a hell of a beating from Djin & Wynters, wants in on the match to try to turn the tide back, however, Djin & Wynters won’t allow this as they keep Ricky in their half of the ring.

After a while, it starts to look up for Ricky as he tries to catch Djin off guard with some quick roll-up attempts but only for 2 counts only. So Djin then gives Toxxik a cheap shot to stop a tag being made.

Djin & Wynters then hit Ricky with a Double Chop that echoed throughout the building. Djin then places Ricky across the top rope to then quickly knee him in the midsection to land Ricky into a seated position in the corner, which then Djin followed up with by hitting an Inverted Cannon Ball that looked like it should have ended the match but didn’t.

Eventually, Ricky managed to hit an AA Spinebuster out of pure desperation and slowly made the Tag to Toxxik, while Djin made the Tag to Wynters. Toxxik came like a wild man by taking on both Djin & Wynters at the same time, even managed to trick Wynters into grabbing Djin for a DDT and then hitting a Neckbreaker on Wynters to put them both down.

Ricky then quickly remembering that Holloway was outside decided to return the favour of Holloway using his tie earlier on in the match on him, takes him out by using a baseball slide, and then follows it up by diving on to Djin which takes them both out of the match.

The end of the match arrives when Wynters tries to Superplex Toxxik from the top rope, however, Toxxik fights back to knock Wynters off and send him crashing to the canvas, which then he followed it up by hitting a Thunderous Frog Splash for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners - Ricky Rowley & Toxxik

Match 6 - Main Event

Steven Keane Vs Luke Basham

We are at the main event and it’s a very personal match between Steven Keane against Luke Basham because at the start of the match Keane disrespects Telford while also giving Basham 2 shoves to the chest.

Basham being the hometown hero shows that he is not in the mood for Keane’s disrespect and quickly gives him a shove that sends Keane down crashing, which caught Keane completely off guard and possibly if this was the best way to start the match with an already angry Basham.

Keane gets back up and tries to get the earlier advantage over Basham, however, Basham just kept on countering him, move for move, hold for hold. It wasn’t until the action went to the outside that Keane was able to get an advantage by sending Basham into the ring steps.

Keane decides to take his time while he currently has the advantage; however, Basham had other plans as he returned the favour to Keane by sending him into the Ring Steps to demonstrate how it felt when he did it to him.  

The action quickly returns to the squared circle as Basham gives an Elbow Drop to Keane. Keane retaliates by sending Basham into the corner and begins to choke him to the count of 4 to avoid being disqualified by the ref.

Basham starts trying to fight back against Keane but before he could complete it, Keane managed to hit a Brutal Leaping Clothesline that almost decapitated Basham’s head off and then followed it up with a suplex that only got a 2 count by surprise.

Keane then continues to use cheap tactics to stay on top within the match by trying to choke Basham but the ref keeps warning Keane about the illegal choke and Keane releases before the ref can count to 5 each time.

Keane then sends Basham into the corner so hard that it makes him crash to the floor. Keane then starts to walk around like he has swagger due to the damage he has been to inflict onto Basham, however, this almost cost him the match as Basham attempted multiple roll up pins but only got a count of 2 each time.

Keane quickly rakes the eyes of Basham to regain control of the match, then gives a Scoop Slam for good measure and follows it up by using a Sleeper Hold to try to bring the end of the match. Basham slowly begins to fade until the ref must raise Basham’s arm to see if he responses otherwise Keane would win the match.

Basham’s arm drops for the 1st and 2nd time, so it wasn’t looking good for Basham which made Keane smile a lot. For the 3rd drop, however, Basham was just able to keep it up and start to build up a comeback from the canvas to their feet.

As soon as Basham broke free of the Sleeper Hold, he sends Keane to the corner and hits a running corner elbow. Basham then places Keane on the top rope and climbs up but as soon as he does Keane tries to fight back. Basham gains the upper hand in the top rope battle and managed to hit a Devastating Top Rope Superplex to Keane, which sends them both crashing to the canvas but it wasn’t enough for a 3 count.

Basham with the crowd on his side and with the tables turned seems like he was ready to bring the match to an end, however, Keane quickly distracts the ref while the rest of the Purge tried to come out and take Advantage behind the ref’s back.

Basham starts to fight back against Connors & Joe and somehow managed to hit them both with a Springboard 2nd Rope RKO that sends them to the outside of the ring and when Keane goes to take advantage, Basham sends him out the other side as well.

Basham then decides that he needs to start doing some high-risk maneuvers to take out The Purge, so he hits Keane with a Suicide Dive and then re-entered the ring to be quickly leaving it by hitting a Suicide Senton over the ropes onto Connors & Joe.

Basham & Keane both re-enter the ring and Basham goes for a Spear but Keane manages to avoid it by a small chance and hits Brogue Kick which Keane then goes for the pinfall, however, Basham managed to kick out at a 2 count.

Keane in complete utter shock and disbelieve, starts to feel frustrated at the fact that the match was still going on and so decided to climb up to the top rope for a high-risk maneuver of his own, but as he does Basham manages to avoid it and hits a German Suplex for a 2 count.

Joe then passes the Hockey Stick to Keane while the ref was distracted by Connors and hit Basham with it cleanly. Keane then threw the Hockey Stick out of the ring to remove the evidence of it being there at all, however, this wasn’t enough to keep Basham down as he managed to kick out at what appeared to be at least 2.9 count

Keane out of pure frustration retrieves the Hockey Stick again and continues to use it some more on Basham, while Connors & Joe distracted the Ref. While Keane was hitting Basham with the Hockey Stick, Basham somehow managed to pull out a Spear on Keane out of pure luck.

As Basham went for the pinfall cover after hitting the Spear, the ref began his pinfall count, 1, 2, and just before the 3 count could be made both Connors & Joe dive in to break up the pinfall, which then brought the match to its end by Disqualification and the Victory being Luke Basham.

Winner - Luke Basham (By DQ)

The Purge quickly gangs up on Luke after the match and begins to beat him down on the canvas. Just as Steven is about to use the hockey stick, Damo Scorpio & Big Mike Wyld arrive to make the save and return the favour for when Luke did the same for them earlier on in the night.

Luke Basham, Damo Scorpio, Big Mike Wyld & The Purge all start to stare at each other before a massive brawl breakout which ends with The Purge being ejected from the squared circle in a very brutal manner.

Luke Basham then grabs the Mic to state he is tired of The Purge always cheating, using the numbers game to gang up on others, and using very dirty tactics there is in the wrestling business. So Luke informs The Purge, that on 10th June 2017, there will be a 6-Man Tag Team, No Disqualification Match – The Purge Vs Big Mike Wyld, “The Blue Arrow” Damo Scorpio & Luke Basham.

All ringside & action images are copyrighted by The Academy Wrestling & UK Wrestling Media



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