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Looking After Myself and Staying Entertained

Ladies & Gentlemen, Dudes & Dudettes welcome to The Burning Truth Blog and well I can very much say that it has been a very busy and interesting week, as myself and Irvine have been trying to prepare more content ready to be released, with the likes of another Interview being done but you will have to wait and see who by keeping a close eye on social media.

Been also making sure to keep up with some of the latest TV Shows/Series that have been getting released especially WandaVision, which had pulled me in so many directions with my emotions. Don't worry they won't be any spoilers in the blog at all because why ruin it when it's better to just recommend it watch it and allow you to enjoy it for yourself. The only thing that I will say about WandaVision is that there are so many Comic Book References (Yes I am a Comic Book Nerd/Geek.) throughout the show which was a delight to see, but at the same time keep you on your toes. (Also if you do enjoy Binge-Worthy TV, make sure to check out last week's blog post).

Also this week, I have been making sure to be looking after myself by doing at least about 45 minutes of cardio every single day which I began on Monday (and I will be doing it today as well) and I have to say it's not your routine way of doing cardio and well if I am completely honest, it's by copying dance routines from YouTube clips and I will say, some of them are way more challenging than others but one of the most important things about it, is that I am enjoying it and having a right good laugh along the way, which in turn is having me looking forward to it every single day plus it's good for mental health at the same time.

I will be making sure to try to be in attendance for the Alice, Alice, who the quiz is Alice? weekly quiz that is always a blast to attend to, plus you also get a free entry in a special prize giveaway for every quiz that you attempt and it's happening every Sunday, which is currently Online via Facebook

Thank you for checking out this week's blog. I always hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have when typing it out. I would like to remind you all to don't forget to tune into The Burning Truth Live this Sunday at 6 pm (UK Standard Time) and I also request that you make sure to check out next week's TBT weekly blog post as it will be a special one due to that day being James Irvine's Birthday (You're Welcome Irvine).

With that being said I hope that you all stay well and stay safe.

Be excellent to each other.

It has been emotional, chat with you again soon.



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