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Absolutely Binge-Worthy

Ladies and gentlemen, people of almost all ages so 16+ 😆. This week I’ve decided to give an insight into my favourite binge-worthy TV series and hope to have you the listeners/readers give your thoughts and opinions on the following, maybe you could point me in the direction of anything you believe is worthy of binge-watching.

So to start things off the very first series I ever binged was prison break. Now if you’ve seen the first season you will know how addictive it is, yeah the second season and the following seasons were a bit bland but still what a journey I had following Micheal Schofield plotting and scheming to save his brother's life.

Next on the list is Dexter, everybody’s favourite vigilante serial killer. I was absolutely fascinated with this series due to its originality, character development, and the fact that he managed to evade the very same police department that he worked for as a forensic blood splatter analyst at the Miami metro, which also employed his sister.

After a few seasons of Dexter, nothing else really caught my eye until The Walking dead 💀, and boy oh boy was I hooked! It follows the story of the main character Rick Grimes as he awakens from a coma. The story then focuses on Rick finding out that he had been in a coma for a while as a zombie apocalypse broke out all over the world, he makes it his mission to find his wife and son. During his journey in season 1, he links with several characters, and the adventures begin, I love the walking dead as 6 characters that stick out and they are Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Negan, Michonne, Merle Dixon, and The Governor. All 6 of them characters have fascinating backgrounds and watching it all being explained is a massive treat.

Fear the walking dead is a spin-off but it carries itself so well as a separate entity just watching it as a change from TWD is refreshing and enjoyable.

Family Guy, as you all know I can do certain voices, and one of them voices is that of a family guy character called Herbert the pervert 🙈 and Glenn Quagmire 😁 the show itself started in 1999 but was canceled for a bit due to its in your face humour. Now we all know South Park had been going for many years so FG was a refreshing change due to the slapstick gags and general wacky characters, so I deem this to be very binge-worthy.

Game of Thrones, here we have an instant classic the first episode certainly raised my eyebrow higher than The Rock after smelling what his wife is cooking, as it was like being slapped in the face with a wet kipper. It contained sex of an incestuous nature and then to top it off you had a dwarf getting pissed, shagging prostitutes in a whore house, and then waking up in pig shit I mean seriously wtf is going on 😆. After episode 1 it got a million times better until the ending of the final season where I personally felt robbed as it was rushed after investing so much of my personal time watching it, really pissed me off but I’d still binge it again just to see the fight and war scenes.

Well, that’s it for me on this particular subject please feel free to share your favourite TV series and reasons why, in the meantime please tune in this Sunday where you can enjoy myself and Matt Burns talking absolute bollocks and laughing our arses off at stupid wrestling names at 6 pm GMT.



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