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A Rollercoaster of a Week

Ladies & Gentleman, Dudes & Dudettes, it's time once again for another TBY Weekly Blog by Matt Burns. I have got to say that this week has had some ups (that have had me smiling from ear to ear) and some downs (that have had me livid and foaming at the mouth with rage) but overall at the moment in time, I have got to say I am feeling good and happy.

So first off I have got to say I have finally been able to acquire a Next-Gen Console in the Xbox Series X (Microsoft please think of a better name, when it comes to the follow-up console. It's very confusing), I have had to wait roughly about 6 months to even have a chance at ordering one and well I was jumping for joy as soon as I got it all ordered. When it arrived I will say I was very much being a gaming nerd and excited to get it set up and play. So as soon as I got the first chance, I made sure to get it all set up and ready.

Now while I was getting it set up, I was thinking about all the games that I was going to be jumping onto and seeing the graphical differences are and etc. However what I didn't count for at the time was that my TV had other plans, that most likely going to upset me when it decided to go bang and suddenly stop working. I will be honest and say that rage suddenly took over and well I started speaking in a very colourful language because in my mind I was so close, yet it felt so far.

So with my TV being out of commission, I had to very quickly decide on what I was going to try and do next so that I am able to do any console gaming for the foreseeable future. I had to go out and buy a new TV and do it very quickly if I wanted to do any gaming (and also keep myself sane, to somewhat degree). Now the problem with that is the fact I haven't brought a TV in a very long time (we are talking at least 15+ years).

I did some quick research and made sure to have a rough idea of what I would need to consider would be a good deal and make sure that it also compliments my new console. Now I could have gotten one ordered online but it would have taken some time to arrive and I needed to acquire one as soon as possible. So I decided to venture out and visit a few places. Now what I didn't expect to happen, is for me to miscalculate how big a 55" JVC Smart TV really is (which also included an oak stand with it as well), but had a sudden realisation when it was being brought over to me to place into my car and I only just managed to do it, with the back seats down (just about) and well to some that might not sound much, but when I tell you that I drive a Vauxhall Insignia, you will realise that's a lot of space to fill.

I then had to drive it all the way back to my place and set it all up and I will admit that I didn't do it all by myself because well that would have been insane and most likely not gone well for me. So thank you to my Dad for helping me out and getting it all prepared. I will say once it was all set up and ready, I already knew that all the previous events leading up to it had their moments but it was all worth it, just to be able to game on a Next-Gen Console on an up to date TV, it made me smile with joy.

So with gaming to one side, I just want to let everyone know that I have had both Jabs of the Covid Vaccination (Both AstraZeneca) as of today but I am still going to be following the government guidelines and keeping safe because there are still Covid Variants that are still very dangerous. At the same time with having the 2nd Jab, it does feel that we are slowly getting closer back to normal but there is no rush either because I would prefer us all to be safe instead of sorry.

So with that all being said, I ask that you all please make sure to tune in tomorrow for the latest Broadcast episode of The Burning Truth, where I and James Irvine will of course be having our usual Wrestling discussions, having banter between each other, and talking complete utter nonsense (mostly likely arguing over Series or Season for UK TV Shows) It will be live at 6 pm (UK Standard Time), which of course can be heard from this website and many other sources.

With that being said I hope that you all stay well and stay safe.

Be excellent to each other.

It has been emotional, chat with you again soon.



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