Wulfrun Pro Wrestling
Survival of the Fittest 2017

by The Burning Truth, 2nd September 2017

So Yesterday, The Burning Truth traveled to Penn for Wulfrun’s 3rd showing, which the first two visits here had us see the race for a spot at the Wulfrun Heavyweight Championship. At today’s event, it was no different as there would be another spot to be gained for the Championship Tournament, which would be up for grabs in the Main Event Battle Royal.


So far through to the Main Event at the end of the year show, we have Jesse Jones and The Bouncer. From the Battle Royal, we will find out who else will make the fold and join them. Some of the Midlands’ biggest names were in attendance, all vying for a place. We have The Judge, Danny Devine, Lord Graham Thomas and Dan Evans just to name a few of the names who are competing tonight.


The Ring Announcer for the Event was, Colin Russell Haynes. He makes everyone aware of what is going to be taking place during the event, with some of the matches being for who will enter at the beginning and who will enter at the end of the matches.


The first 3 Matches of the event would be High Stakes Reward matches where the Winner would be rewarded with Entry Numbers 18, 19 & 20 and the Loser would be punished with Entry Numbers 1, 2 & 3 but they wouldn’t know which one they would be battling for till Main Event time.

Match 1


High Stakes Reward Match


Dan Evans w/ Natalie Wilde (The Power Couple) Vs "Mr 450" Dan Ryder


Match starts with Dan Ryder going for a Clothesline but Evans ducking it, Evans tries to charge the faster Ryder but to no avail and Ryder catches him with 2 Hip Tosses. Ryder trying to capitalise on the momentum takes Evans to the corner and Corner Punches soon follow as Ryder continues the early onslaught with a Monkey Flip.


Evans retreats to the outside but has no time for a rest break here as Ryder does a Tope Suicide Dive over the top rope, Ryder tells Natalie to move out the way as he doesn’t want to hit a girl. Due to the distraction on the outside Ryder is caught of guard by Evans who catches him by shoving him into the ring apron. Evans then starts to work the mid-section, then decides to distract the Ref while Natalie gets to work with a few Cheap Shots on Ryder to the mid-section.


The action returns to the ring, as we have Evans applying the abdominal stretch. Ryder breaks free from this but gets taken down after a Reverse Irish Whip, which only gets a 2 count. Evans then discards Ryder to the outside to be counted out. At this point in the match Evans is happy to take a victory by any means necessary and come back later in the Battle Royal, but Ryder showing he has no quit in him gets back in the ring by the count of 8.


Evans begins to taunt Ryder by saying he can do this all day, Ryder again tries to rally back but Evans trips Ryder up from the Irish Whip and gets back to work on the mid-section by hitting a Seated Senton.


Evans misses the charge in the corner and Ryder catches him with the Body Slam and starts to call for the 450. After spending a little bit too much time pandering to the crowd, on the outside he failed to notice Natalie Wilde coming from behind and she shoves him off the rope, while the Ref was distracted again by Evans. Evans then quickly reacts to this opportunity and catches Ryder with a Fisherman’s Brainbuster and to bring this match to an end.


Winner - Dan Evans

Match 2


High Stakes Reward Match


"Fabulous" Disco Bert Vs Christopher Drew


The Man with the longest entrance (Drew), takes his sweet time getting into the ring, Referee Lauren had to stop Disco Bert from striping Drew of his trousers and dignity. While Drew is finally deciding to get into the ring, Referee Lauren is having selfies with Disco Bert (Already I have typed things I never thought I would at a wrestling show).


A little bit of my team is better than yours happens before the match and before the Referee has chance to ring the bell Drew has retreated to the outside. (Note to Drew if you want to get football heat in Penn mention West Brom or Villa before Manchester United). The crowd conducts a 10 count before Bert declares himself an honorary Yam Yam and is going to knock Drew’s block of.


Collar and Elbow Tie Up to begin the action with Armlock and Knee to the Arm by Bert. Drew’s main plan of escaping most holds seems to be retreating for the ropes, for a quick escape.  Second Collar and Elbow Tie Up leads to Drew controlling the arm before Bert uses some Cartwheels to counter his way into a better position and for the second time drew Retreats to the ropes.


Bert calls for a Test of Strength, which leads to a Night Fever Tribute, and the birth of Disco Drew, who breaks down and runs into a Arm Drag. Hammerlock holding position but Drew pushes Bert into the ropes and forces the break and then hits a few Cheap Shots, a Hard-Irish Whip into the corner to keep Bert down and then a Running Knee to the mid-section.


Bert tries to fight back but is caught with a Big Boot and Drew goes for the pin and only gets a 2 count. Bert is back up first and tries the Suplex attempt but is knocked back down while Drew ridicules the crowd while Choking Bert. Snap Suplex by Drew leads to another 2 count. Drew asks Referee Lauren if she is capable of counting to 3. Stiff right hands by Drew, keeping the onslaught on this time by standing on Bert’s back and trash talking to the crowd.


Bert tries to mount a comeback and goes for a pin attempt but is only able to get a 2 count. Bert is now slowly beginning to get back into the match, catches Drew with a Jawbreaker and follows up with 3 Forearms, an Atomic Drop and an Inverted Atomic Drop. Bert sweeps the legs away and distracts Lauren long enough for him to hit the Double Leg Drop in the crown jewels of Drew.


Drew starts arguing with Lauren about a 2 count that was made from a roll up attempt, where he thought he had a 3 count but Lauren told him he only got a 2. Drew tries stamping his authority over the Referee by reminding her that he is a man and that she is a woman, Drew pushes the Ref and She pushes him back to quickly remind him that She is the in charge of this contest. Bert catches hold of Drew for a Kamikaze Crash and then follows up with a 2nd Rope Moonsault for the 3 count.


Winner - "Fabulous" Disco Bert

Match 3


High Stakes Reward Match


Harry Cruise Vs Lord Graham Thomas


LGT states to Harry that he is a God and a Man, whereas Harry Cruise is nothing and a boy. Harry slaps the taste of out of LGT mouth, then throws him to the outside, Harry hits a Suicide Middle Rope Dive, but LGT responds with a Middle Rope Dive of his own. Harry goes for a Big Dive over the ropes, not to be outdone. A battle begins around the outside of the ring with Harry by bashing the head and the mid-section of LGT against the ring apron.


LGT tries to Chop Cruise on the outside but is caught against the post and same goes for Cruise when he tries to return the favour.


Back in the ring we have LGT who hits a Running Single Leg Dropkick before telling one of the crowd what he really thinks of them this evening, Fisherman’s Lift in to the Doubles Knees only gets a 2 count. LGT now firmly in control of the match he starts choking Harry in the middle rope. LGT goes for a Back Elbow in the corner Harry tries to block but only gets half of it.  LGT then follows up with a Splash before Cruise comes back on the offensive.


Body Slam followed up by a missed Senton Splash. LGT tries taunting Cruise when he catches the kick attempt but Cruise hits the Enzuigiri Kick to the back of the head. Referee reaches a 6 count before both men are in the middle of the ring Trading Blows. LGT hits a Running European before Cruise hits a Running Boot, Harry Cruise goes for a Spear and gets 2 count.


LGT goes to the outside for a breather where Cruise tries to stay on top of him with another Middle Rope Dive, But LGT hits a DDT on the edge of the ring (which is considered the hardest part of the ring). Back into the ring where Cruise goes for a Superkick but LGT responds with a Vicious Clothesline.  Russian Leg Sweep and a 2nd Rope Moonsault attempt by Harry Cruise but LGT moves, then gets up and then hits his Royal Falcon Arrow for the 3 count.


Winner - Lord Graham Thomas


So, the 3 men entering the Rumble at 18/19/20 are Disco Bert, Dan Evans and Lord Graham Thomas - Not in any particular order. Also, the 3 men to enter the Rumble at 1/2/3 are Chris Drew, Dan Ryder and Harry Cruise - Also in no particular order as well.

Match 4


Natalie Wilde w/ Dan Evans (The Power Couple) Vs "The Goddess of Fire" Athena Furie


While Athena is up on the top rope trying to hype the crowd up, Wilde pulls her leg away and goes to work with stiff forearms shots. Irish whip into the corner followed up with a charge to the corner but she is caught by fury with a Hurricanrana and 3 successive Arm Drags.


While the Referee is attending to Wilde, Evans comes in and pulls the hair to get Athena to the ground. Wilde starts to go to work on the prone Furie at the moment targeting the legs and the back of her adversary. 


Furie uses the ropes to pull herself up and hits a kick to the stomach of Wilde, but Wilde retorts by hitting a Thunderous Clothesline, however she only gets a 2 count for her effort. She then sets Furie up in the corner and chops the stomach of Furie. Furie then is whipped to the other side of the ring where she rebounds off the 2nd Rope with a Flying Crossbody for a 2 count. The pin attempt was then reversed into a Koji Clutch Submission Hold. Furie crawls to the ropes to break the submission attempt and possibly give herself a possible small rest but Wilde was on top not giving an inch away.


While Wilde argues with the Referee, Evans tries to get the attention of Furie by playing with the helmet of Furie, Wilde tries to charge the Goddess, but is then caught with a quick Schoolgirl from out of nowhere and the match is over.


Winner - "The Goddess of Fire" Athena Furie

Match 5 - Main Event


Battle Royal Match


Entrant 1 is “Mr 450” Dan Ryder


Entrant 2 is Christopher Drew


These match starts with Ryder going for the Forearm shots and putting Drew in the corner and going for 10 of the best. Drew shoves him off by the Sixth Punch and hits the Big Boot and we have the First Elimination attempt of the evening with Drew making the attempt for the Elimination.


Entrant 3 is Harry Cruise


Harry makes his way to the ring, who for some reason stops Drew from throwing Ryder out due to maybe having a game plan for the Rumble.


Cruise then quickly dumps Drew out of the ring for the 1st Elimination but Drew refuses to go out of the Rumble so Cruise and Ryder Baseball Slide him as a team for good measure and allow the Refs to remove Drew.


Entrant 4 is Frank Wesker


Wesker makes his way to the ring. Ryder and Cruise seem content with working as a team at the moment, not wanting to fight each other and just waiting for the Wesker enter the Rumble.


Entrant Number 5 is The Bailiff


The Bailiff who hits Ryder and Cruise with some of the Meanest Forearms I’ve seen and then catches Ryder with a Sidewalk Slam. Cruise goes to save Ryder from being eliminated. Cruise looks like he is on his way out until he skins the cat to save his chances.


Entrant number 6 is Daniel Valentine. 


While Valentine is making his entrance, Ryder is fighting a losing battle in trying to throw out The Bailiff on his own. Valentine is trying to throw Wesker out but is stopped by The Bailiff who starts to go work Valentine with Headbutts and mid-section kicks.


Entrant number 7 is Big Rich


Everyone realises they are now in danger as the Big Man circles his pray, the competitors stop fighting to gang up on Big Rich, who just swats them away like flies. He sends Cruise into The Bailiff and then squashes Valentine and Ryder in respective corners. He Clotheslines Cruise out of his boots near enough, but Valentine jumps on the back of Rich, Rich throws him of then Chops Cruise in the corner.


Entrant number 8 is El Chico. 


El Chico walks around the ring getting them all hyped for when he enters the ring, however he is then quickly eliminated after 2 seconds of being in the ring by Big Rich. Another team up is thwarted by Big Rich, who just Chops Cruise on the back.


Entrant Number 9 is The Judge


The Judge comes out and belittles the crowd asking them, if they have nothing better to do on Saturday night. Rich removes Wesker. Then Big Rich ejects The Bailiff out of the Rumble with a Running Body Slam over the ropes and out of the match.


Entrant Number 10 is TJ Sky


Everyone for the umpteenth time tries to Eliminate Big Rich while he has Harry up in the Slam position TJ Sky and Ryder go for punches to the head of Rich and then finally the collective effort finally works on Big Rich as he is Eliminated, which ends his wave of destruction.


Entrant Number 11 is RC Chaos


RC Chaos, who hits about 600 RKO’s before finally being cut of by the Judge, but then Chaos hits the judge with a RKO out of nowhere. RC Chaos has the Judge in the corner for a Chop and Cruise is hanging on the bottom rope for dear life.


Entrant Number 12 is Danny Devine


Danny is greeted by RC Chaos. Devine is then hit with a Clothesline by Cruise but he gets Cruise by the ropes and with the help of Jasabel trying s to throw him out but can’t on his own. Sky, Cruise and Ryder start the Nipple Cripples (yes you have read that right) to try and get rid of the leader of Metro Club. While on the other end of the ring Valentine is thrown out.


Entrant Number 13 is Street Punk Tony.


Ryder and Tony have a 2 Sweet moment in the corner. Tony ducks the forearm from TJ Sky, who then instead hits the Judge. In the other corner, we have RC Chaos giving Devine a Bronco Buster.


Entrant Number 14 is Ryan Parrott


Parrott who is making his wrestling debut here, looks like he has gone for the MMA style approach. Parrott is sent to Suplex City by the Judge, while RC Chaos is Eliminated by a Devine Superkick. Parrott is hit by a balls out bronco buster from Devine.


Entrant Number 15 is Liam Perrin


Parrott is throwing some Mid Kicks to the Devine who then targets his crown jewels for revenge, Judge has Cruise on the ropes who is saved by Ryder. Perrin is giving Parrott a good going over with mid kicks of his own and a Single Leg Dropkick.  Jesse Jones comes out of the Crowd and Eliminates Cruise. At which point the 2 then proceed to brawl to the back of the locker room.


Entrant Number 16 is Windsor


TJ Sky saves himself from Elimination by using his feet to catch himself on the bottom rope to stop himself from falling to the floor. (Remember - The rules of a Battle Royal Match, is that both feet have to touch the floor to be Eliminated)


Entrant Number 17 is Dan “The Man” Tucker


As soon as Tucker enters the ring, the Judge tries to cower behind him but is thwarted by a Chop and then TJ Sky goes to Back Rake everyone in the in ring, meanwhile Devine is Tea Bagging Perrin in the corner using one of his Fluffy Dice Balls, before getting dropped on the rope.


Entrant Number 18 is Dan Evans,


During Dan’s entrance to the Rumble, there is a noticeable absence of Natalie Wilde from ringside. Devine goes for the Backdrop to TJ Sky but he lands on his feet until a Forearm from the Leader of The Metro Club Eliminates TJ Sky. 


Entrant Number 19 is Disco Bert


Bert goes for his patented Atomic Drops on Tucker first then to one half of The Power Couple Dan Evans; Natalie Wilde is not going to be happy with a Bert if Evans starts misfiring after that onslaught.


Street Punk Tony was Eliminated. We have a Metro and Judge team up in the corner and Devine hits the Banzai Drop on Parrott, Ryder eliminates Valentine.


Entrant Number 20 is Lord Graham Thomas


Parrott gets piled on by the remaining entrants and then is thrown out by LGT. After this Windsor and Dan “The Man” Tucker are sent out of the match. LGT and Devine nipple cripple Ryder.


We then see Devine Bronco Ball Buster Bert and put one of his Fluffy Dice Balls in his mouth for good measure. The Judge Cannon Balls Ryder and then LGT goes for a crown jewel shattering Basement Dropkick. While LGT was posing, he was then eliminated by Liam Perrin. Devine then deposes of Disco Bert over the top rope.


Final 4 is Devine, Judge, Ryder and Perrin. Devine and Judge go for tandem Running Powerslams but are countered and sent into each other, which is then followed up with Dual Enzuigiri Kicks to the head. Devine is then mounted on the top rope by Ryder and then eliminated by Ryder.  


Ryder is then pulled over by an irritated Devine. Last 2 is Judge and Perrin. Referees are busy trying to get rid of the Ryder and Devine, while they were scuffling on the outside, the Referees don’t see the Elimination of The Judge who sneaks back into the match again and quickly throws a celebrating and unprepared Perrin over the top rope, when he thought he had the match won. Unfortunately for Perrin the Referees returned in time to see what they assumed was The Judge Eliminating him for the Win.


Winner - The Judge


After the match, you could see a very upset and irate Liam Perrin trying to explain to the Referees that he had already Eliminated The Judge, but they state that due to them not seeing it, they can’t except it and their call was Final.


Liam decided that it would be best to leave but did understand the Referees’ decision, however he was so close to being a Participant in the tournament to Crown the First Ever Wulfrun Heavyweight Champion but it wasn’t to be.  


So, with that the next Participant in the Tournament is the Judge, who may have rightly or wrongly joined The Bouncer and Jesse Jones.


There is 1 more spot left for the Tournament that needs to be taken. This spot will be decided at One Shall Reign, which will also be the very same event where the Tournament will end with the Crowning of the First Ever Wulfrun Heavyweight Champion.

All ringside & action images are copyrighted by Wulfrun Pro Wrestling & UK Wrestling Media

The Burning Truth