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Keep Moving Forward

Ladies & Gentlemen, Dudes & Dudettes, I am back for another week for The Burning Truth Blog and well I have got to say that January hasn't been the greatest (Especially with the whole bad start involving Covid-19), but I can also say it hasn't been the worst either simply because I didn't give up and also followed some great advice from a friend.

I am sure that you are all wondering what the advice was and where it came from? Also, I am not going to make you have to read the whole blog to find out either because I feel that it is very sound advice and can help out. The Advice was "Always Remember P.M.A"

Now I bet you're all wondering what P.M.A means and to put it simply, it means Positive Mental Attitude, which I can say has done me wonders for myself, which I am sure I will always aim to remember the advice and aim towards it. Having some self-confidence will help as well (just as long as it's not too much).

Keeping yourself aiming for P.M.A can be difficult at times because you will have some bad news, a bad situation, or even just having an overall bad day from the get-go. So I would say the best option that you would have from that situation, would be to "Always Remember P.M.A" or even maybe a Rocky Balboa quote of "Keep Moving Forward" (I am sure some of you will have been wondering when this movie quote would be getting involved in this post).

As for where the advice came from, it came from a very good friend who every time I speak to them always has a Positive Attitude that is so infectious that you can't help but smile, which was why I made sure to give him a shout out on the Broadcast last week. It was of course The Viking from The Jug, so I once again say thank you for the great advice.

I thought it would be best this week to keep the blog short & sweet with a short message to send out for you all (plus there is also the fact that I can ramble on too much as well). So with that all being said, I am going to say that is a wrap for this week's blog post. I thank you all once again for reading it and I hope you're enjoying them as well.

I would also like to ask that you please don't forget to tune into The Burning Truth Live this Sunday at 6 pm (UK Standard Time) with Myself and my follow broadcast partners James Irvine & John Bloor, where we usually talk about Wrestling but at multiple times will turn into complete chaos as well during the episode.

With that being said I hope that you all stay well and stay safe.

Be excellent to each other.

It has been emotional, chat to you again soon.



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